6 thoughts on “The world’s creepiest painting

  1. George De Genaro

    I don’t know how Matt sleeps at night but his Dad sleeps just fine. I suppose I could be painting old barns and then you would think they were just beautiful, but I would think they were weird.

  2. Rocco DePietro

    Lay off your dad. I like his painting and don’t find it creepy. Every clown has his down days and questions the true nature of his humorous self.

  3. Ted Shatz

    the title World’s Creepiest Painting got me to click it. I gotta give it to you for that Matt…born salesman. Obviously, I don’t find your Dad’s picture to be creepy whatsoever – in fact I find it far closer to funny than creepy. But I don’t know him nor have any personal history with him, which helps to limit my reactions to what’s in front of me rather than abstract.


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