Full reveal

There is nothing left but to remove the model from inside the two halves of silicone mold. Starting at a corner I can peel apart the mold gently all around. Because of the release, the two parts will separate.




The deep crevices, and where there are holes through the model’s axis, are the trickiest, but because of the thinness of the mold layer, as I had planned and hoped, the mold bends away and removes easily enough, and cleanly, without tearing the model up any. That should mean my wax casts later will come out undamaged and with the minimum about of touchup needed.Those holes through the axis were critical in my planning of this piece from the beginning, in both the design of the model and the mold, and I am grateful that it all turned out so well.

Silicone back-



Silicone front-



I surprise myself sometimes. With care and patience, I see that many difficult things are possible. The model, after so many months, now free, and in pretty good shape. And the two mold halves, complete. Complicated. It’s kind of amazing that all of that is two parts. The silicone rubber mold material is amazing.



The little block mold of the two head-pieces turned out well. I’d had a brief scare where I doubted if I could definitely recall that I had applied the release or not, but I had, it all came apart just fine. I had poured a plaster top for the mold.


Remove the box


Split the mold


Remove the models. Done.


I’ll clean and wash the molds next. Then, I can’t think of anything to prevent me from casting a wax from this, and that will begin another sequence of complicated events leading up to the bronze pour itself. But before that, I am so overcome with a feeling of relief about this project coming to success that I may want to take a short break and do something nice. The weather’s getter good finally, and this Winter’s worth of effort is completed. It would be a nice thing if I took my wife on a date.

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