I’m filling in the five holes which are on the center axis of the figure. This is just parting line on the interior of the figure. Not much to look at really, but these details are for my own notes.







I’m depending on having made the silicone blanket thin enough to peel-back, pinch-away from, extract, the mass of these plugged holes from the narrow V-shaped crevice they are in. If not, I’m still confident that the silicone will peel off with only some amount to damage to the wax, which I will eventually pour into this mold, in which case , I’ll repair the wax by hand before making the bronze from it. No big.

2 thoughts on “Filling

  1. Robert Daulton

    I was wondering what the hell you were gonna do with that hole.

    It’s fun to watch your process. You make your molds in the exact opposite steps I use: I pour the rubber on the piece first, then back it up with plaster. Also, it takes me about three or four days to do the whole thing. Chasing the wax is unavoidable, so I don’t care if the impressions from the mold are a little rough, and I’m not usually looking for more than three waxes or so from a larger mold anyway. But even at that, they seem to hold up pretty well.

    Anyway, nice job, it looks good, and I’m following your progress…

    1. Matt

      I’ve done some molds the way you describe, especially for something you can’t lay down and put a box around. Otherwise, I like doing it this way because the thickness of the mold is very controlled. If I’m casting plastic, I want-need it to come out as clean as possible. This method can use less material too, which I shouldn’t worry about since time is more valuable than money.

      In the case of this mold, I need that blanket of rubber strong but thin, so it will be able to be peel’d off the casting in the several deep crevices and undercuts. Pouring the rubber over would tend to fill the crevices solid and make a bulkier mold which would be more difficult to flex during removal.


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