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El Jardin Studio

The new studio was finished February. It turned out much better than I expected. “A.” seems mostly happy with it. We’ve named it El Jardin, “The Garden”, and it’s an incarnation of a Tango clubhouse. We’re now set up to host Tango events, art and music shows, house guests, and more. For the past months we’ve been running a twice-monthly practica with our neighborhood tango friends. It is a private space by, so we’ve working on a balanced policy about who’s invited to come there.

These pictures show the progress from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022. First the wood floor is installed then it is covered while the painting takes place. After that the floor is “finished” and then we’re dancing! (without countertops)…

New Garden Studio

It has been a long and tiresome Pandemic Year 2. The Summer of the year before, I had finished cleaning out the barn studio attic and had begun to do the same with the workshop, when I’d had the idea to renovate my studio. By Winter I had a plan and hired a contractor. Now this Winter has arrived and finally it is near completion. These things always drag on endlessly. I was too optimistic about work getting done during the pandemic, and the scope of work was more than I knew. However, it is much finer than I originally planned, and worth the wait. But I haven’t done much of any kind of art work all year, a few sketches; too many disruptions to think about, and the road out front was torn up for 3 months with utility upgrades. (The sound of beeping earthmovers all day). The “Garden” studio will be used for an Art studio, Tango lounge, guest house and party space. I’m hoping things will get back to normal in 2022- Spend time in the studio, dance some Tango, hangout with friends, do some traveling.

Bee Ep.01

*Bee EP.01* He can fly easily with his own wings, but doesn’t feel like he has to.  He can create and indulge in marvelous ideas and experiment as he pleases, and to amuse himself..

Bee, 2020, Glo-in-Dark Fimo clay and toy mini-drone. 5″x3″x3″.

All my art now is made for only around eight people. They know more about my motivations and ideas than anyone. This is now all of my live and in-person nano-audience.

Viewer online, I offer this to you that you may understand me better, if imperfectly, and at least to entertain you.


We’re about to learn what we really need to live a good life. Pandemic panic will evaporate the obscuring haze. All those classes, sporting events, movies, performances, restaurants, art exhibits, none were necessary enough to go to.

The Blue Pearl Bodhisattva

A new title occurs for this sculpture. The Blue Pearl Bodhisattva. 

This Horse isn’t a Deity or a Buddha, but remains mortal on Earth to give help to all who suffer.

Meanwhile, I’m heavily influenced by some Chinese rural handicraft and cooking videos… technique of paper mache.