Tourist life

Not getting much sculpting done lately. I was in Madison WI. for Thanksgiving . Made a point to see again something I really like at the Chazen Museum. But someone should bother to dust it off once in a while. It is furry on the shoulders with dust. Shame.

Leonard Baskin (American, 1922-2000) Laureate Standing, 1957 Cherrywood, 36 x 10 x 10 in.

Saw some good David Smith, Barbra Hepworth, and Deborah Butterfield, which reminded me that abstraction is not chaos, rather, it is rational. People sometimes confuse expressionism of a melodramatic type with abstraction.

Also stopped in Chicago and saw Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor. It is bogglingly great. It works on so many levels. People can engage with it depending on whatever they are prepared for. It could be a funhouse piece for some, and be an Op Art illusionism for others, just depends.

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