Bee, season 1 credits

How to explain the Bee, is, many media influences together, without more connection than happens in a person’s (mine) Mind. A continuous surf session on the phone while laying on the couch during Covid-19. Here are the elements and their sources, listed:

Lucy Price, and Megan Slattery, for motivational self inspiration.
Emma Pryde, for Glory Kitsch
Alexa Lee, the Bee Gardener
Racheal Bunting, for unlimiting exaggeration and metaphor
K Drama, for rich soup narratives and graphic design
WebToons, for serial stories
Emma Rodseth, for noticing everything, and bee Poet., for livestreaming
The Hangers, for understanding and encouragement.
Peter Sparling, for A Month of Goldbergs

All my work now has a strong narrative content. I imagine and get to use more cultural connections than when I was an austere minimalist, as I was years ago. Of course, all-hail materials and process, but I want to fool around more now.

When trying to put a sculpture into a media-rich environment like Instagram, and you quickly see the use of series, video, storytelling, and music, it enlivens the subject matter. The art becomes the character in the center of a potentially star-building narrative system.

I create actual stuff, things, objects. I act with things in my environment, tools, studio, garden, home. I’ll continue to, because that what living is to me. Meanwhile, I don’t know what to do about the rich-media online environment. I like dipping into it, making a few comments, but I don’t really need it for anything, and it is a lot of work to maintain it well. For Documentation of Record, this blog here is a much better medium overall. It is all ultimately about finding a spot that can fully support all your madness, delusion and hallucination.

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