Front blanket

I’ve built out the parting line a little, to get a better sense of if this will work, especially between the body and the arms. This is all tentative. The real establishment of the parting line will take place later.


I wrap the model in plastic wrap to protect it from sticking to the clay blanket too much. This will come off later before I pour the silicone rubber inner mold.


And it goes back in the cradle.


And I begin to cover it with a thin blanket of clay, about 3/8th inch thick. It is upon this blanket that the plaster mother mold will be poured. It is essential that there be no undercuts or catches which will bind the plaster to the clay surface, which itself will eventually be replaced by slicone rubber. As complex as my model is, I think this is evident to work OK.





Along the way I create the pour spouts. Vents will get included later, when I’m doing the parting line. Still some ways from that now.


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