Defining features

Now, I’ll start refining the spiral line of the neck and shoulders a little higher, also defining where the notches for the arms and legs and face will appear.

Sketching up on the end grain to stimate the location and depths of the notches which will denote the legs and face.

With caution, I commit to sawing the depth of the notches – again with the handsaw. More controllable. This will give me maximum depth when I later apply the chain disk tool to remove most of the excess wood.

Now I can  take it outside and start power grinding on it, relying on the saw cuts to be my guide limits, ending up with a much finer contour around the neck and shoulders, and the beginnings of some definition to the arms and legs. It’s starting to look not like a log, but like a sculpture. A lot of the rest of the work from will be to refine the shape of the arms and legs by removing more material.

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