I have this done to the point of my vision; established the structure of the crossing spirals, out of my head and into the flesh, as it were. What I have now though, puzzles me.





I’m not at all understanding how I’ll take this from model to production. I can hardly make a mold of something with such interior\exterior, positive\negative spaces, unless in at least four and maybe five or six parts, if at all. The complexity is daunting and far from the spontaneous flowing water-and-smoke ideal of why I did the Splash pieces. Multiple cast parts welded together? More work.

I’ve thought to continue the model, closing up the open interior spaces by thickening up the spiral elements. This would give something bulkier and thick, Olmec I’m thinking. Still, I’m not sure that’s possible and keep the flow at the core of the piece. In order for it to spiral, mustn’t it be hollow at the center? Who can picture clearly a solid tornado? How do the spirals turn across each other if there is no circumference to the inner arc? This is what I’m going to try next anyway.

If it can’t be molded, it could be carved from a solid block. Uh, … I’m not ready for that.

1 thought on “Puzzled

  1. Quincey

    I love your work. It is very interesting. I look forward to seeing more. The work below looks like the tango, Quincey


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