Why can I work with such certainty on intricate involving processes, but being spontaneous seems so difficult and confusing? You know how I work – being on step 37 of 77 gives me the structure of confidence to create without doubts about the outcome; the process covers up the reluctance to commitment to an idea and creates faith in the eventual results, brick-by-brick. But trying to be serendipitous with a new material and different imagery, means not completely knowing the ground you stand on, and wondering where you’re at and what’s next, much less, “is it finished?”

The Winter was so cold, I didn’t get out to my shop much. Even with the wood stove, I couldn’t get warm enough to work. But I did some drawings inside, on canvas, aside from the Venus idea I’ve shown here, that I’ll probably do as a wood carving. It’s underway whenever I can get to the tree trimmer’s and see what they’ll find for me, now that the snow’s melted

Meanwhile, this other thing showed up. I was drawing Roosters. Roosters, really, I don’t know why.



My guess is, once you’ve proposed the  universal Feminine principal, that it must inevitably call forth the Masculine element.

2 thoughts on “uncertainty

  1. Valerie Mann

    love the roosters,Matt! I know exactly what you’re saying about the steps and the security they provide, also the winter and its toll on studio work, but for different reasons. Read my post, too, about this subject: Valerie-Mann.squarespace.com. Take care.


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