Blue Woman Build

I’m happy to say that Blue Woman will be made of mostly salvaged/recycled material. Passing by my favorite super-secret dumpster, I discovered six full sheets of high quality-finish plywood discarded. Enough for the entire project. This was on the afternoon after I’d committed the entry fee to participate in ArtPrize this year. Believe in Destiny?

Free stuff is still a lot of work to haul, cleanup, and make useful. That stuff is heavy, and my back is broken down.


Setup your workspace.


Using templates made from the model, blow up the design to size.


My model is one-sixth the intended size. That size is determined by the size of the largest piece that will fit out of a 4×8 plywood sheet. Trace the pieces out onto the materials and, using your nice Bosch saber saw, and a steady hand, cut them out. Let the tool do the cutting.




The trick is now to attach all these pieces together. The foam-core model was easily built using only hot-glue. This full size sculpture will need reinforcements at the corners, glue, nuts and bolts, and particular wedge-shaped brackets to get everything to hold together solidly.

1 thought on “Blue Woman Build

  1. Howard Haarer

    I could weld/fabricate whatever brackets you might need. Looks like a close cousin to fat chick. H

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