Six arts

“Guruji has mentioned in class that yoga is the mother of all arts. There are six principal arts from which the others emerge. They are Yogita, Mallika, Natya, Sangitika, Dhanusya, and Vyaraharika. Yogika is yoga – the principal art. Mallika is wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, or any other martial art. Natya is dance,drama, and acting. Sangitika is music – instrumental and vocal. Dhanusya means “bow”. This art, along with the strategies of using the bow and arrow includes military training. Yyaraharika includes agriculture, economics, politics and other sciences. The whole process of civilization depends upon these six basic arts.” (Dasti, Ali “Yoga and Marmakala” Yogadhara, A Stream of Yoga The Light of Yoga Research Trust Mumbai (2000) p. 303)

Yoga, Martial arts, Performing arts, Music, Military tactics, Science. There are elements of of these arts in sculpture– Yogika, steadyness of mind and purpose. Mallika and Natya, ability of execution. Sangitka, harmony and proportion.  Dhanusya, tactics and strategy, Vyaraharika, science and methodology.

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