Thoughts to matter

In writing about Australian aboriginal symbolic design, Tjurunga, or as it sometimes spelled, Churinga, and in reference also to native American graphic designs:

“It cannot be doubted that these designs and paintings also have an aesthetic character; here is the first form of art. Since they are also, and even above all, a written language, it follows that the origins of design and those of writing are one. It even becomes clear that men commenced designing not so much to fix upon wood or stone beautiful forms which charm the senses, as to translate his thoughts into matter. (c.f. Schoolcraft Indian Tribes 1 p405,  Dorsey Siouan Cults pp.394 ff)” 

Durkheim, Emile The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life The Free Press Macmillan Co NY 1965 p. 149

As Tjurunga are culturally sensitive material, I will not show an example here. If you would like to see some, you can do so at Simon Pockley’s website Flight of Ducks . Try the results for 2011 and 2010.

From Siouan Cults :


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