Turquoise haze presentable

I’m not very bright. It takes a long time for me to figure out even obvious things. Like, a strategy for surface finish and adornment of this sculpture.

I had been settled on a base of color, layered with patterns, textures, and ornament, and more colors of Gold and Rose. But now I know I will create these qualities out of real objects, flowers, fabrics, beads, jewels, and stars; real things, as befits sculpture. Resist pictorial illusion.

Here’s revealed the atmosphere vibe of the completion of this.



Ornament:  Flowers,  beads, jewels, fabric, crystal, gold leaf
Pattern: geometric, Joseon textiles, paisley
Texture: shiny, soft, clear, glassy, fuzzy, velvet
Color: Turquoise Blue, Gold, and Rose

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