Shell fini

The box removed, and the plaster shell mold smoothed.



I’ll just let it cure, dry, and harden up a little longer, so when I split the two half apart, very gently, I won’t crack either half. The clay underneath undulates a lot, so removing the shells evenly, in one piece, using small wooden wedges, will be  a trick.

Meanwhile, on the side, to use up the free time, I cast the Beachstones molds I made last Fall in urethane resin. (The waxes I made earlier from these molds for bronze didn’t work out too well and I’m going to do them over, soon I hope.)



It still needs finishing, but I’m very please with the way it turned out – that’s saying it came out looking like I’d hoped – like beach-glass, you know, that sand-smoothed broken glass you find at the beach. Look forward to more.

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