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vision & focus

I’m thinking again about the surface quality of things, in particular, sculpture. The surface of a sculpture, if it isn’t the integral sculptural material itself, is conditioned by these other qualities:

Ornament attracts the eye in a flowing motion, in a variety of all directions. it relaxes the eye muscles and the vision and focus.

Pattern is repetitious, which causes the eye to jump and move, the moiré of pattern and strobe effects of Op Art. It activates the eye’s movement, and is stressful to vision and focus.

Texture is a randomness of pattern, unintentional, the eye wanders without intent, abstractly, into a seeking of imagery to focus onto, the paranoia critical method of Dali. It can be visually restful while also being mentally stressful

Color is the corporeality of an object contained by the field of vision, a visual object is entirely color and nothing else. Impressionist.


A certain person says that her word is “gather”; To bring together, collect, and join.

Work-play continues steadily, no matter. The sculpture of Buddha pre-exists everything, and will still exist after everything else is gone.

The sculpture of the Buddha makes itself; the artist is a sympathetic witness.

Twice the normal working size means, mathematically, so many square-times the usual surface area. This is coming into account now. Phew!



I had to cover that glorious golden belly, but behold, the marvelous/emerging Horse Buddha butt!

bozzetto horse

Working this bozzetto for Horse Buddha using the common available materials as I have been doing lately, which I favor now because it can be much larger that the usual size of these; 48 in. vs 18 in., and I see it better, and is easier to build on and construct at this size, and I have a clean studio which feels enormous.DSCN3202


I love this word bozzetto.

unspoiled & undiluted

At the Washington National Gallery I saw two portraits, one by Franz Hals, the other, Rembrandt.

The subjects gaze with equanimity to the viewer, calm, composed, present, the presentation by artists unspoiled by having never seen a photograph. And as well, the subjects presenting the sense they have of themselves, undiluted by celebrity.

The world was young, every picture fresh. Old we all are now, surfeit of experience.

Horse Buddha

The horse decides one day that he is done being Mankind’s unit measure of power, his war horse, transport, and working his fields.

He thinks, “Have I not pulled enough wagons? Mankind doesn’t need me anymore, and I’m just a pet to him, like a cat or dog”.

So, He goes off to the river, finds a giant lotus flower to float upon, and, practicing austerities and Yoga, begins to cultivate his Buddha-Nature on his own.

The best start for any sculpture begins with a sketch on a coffee shop napkin. If you can get it down quickly, in the space of one cup of coffee, with a felt or ballpoint pen on fragile raggy paper, then you have a core idea which you can try to develop into something. Has to be this way: Reduce to the barest and worst  materials possible. That’s how you know you have a basic image worth continuing with.

The best start for any sculpture begins with a story… (lately this is happening to me)


Thank you everyone for coming to the show! The day was gloriously beautiful, and to have you all here was, for me, perfect. I’m so sorry that I didn’t have time to talk more with each and every one of you, but my friends, there will be more times for that, of course. Shout out to all the kids who helped stuff balloons- I seriously couldn’t have done it without you!