Bee Ep.03

*Bee Ep.03* He is a motivated gatherer, but also a share-er; bringing in much more than he can use alone and for himself.

Bee, 2020, Glo-in-Dark Fimo clay and toy mini-drone. 5″x3″x3″.

All my work now has strong narrative content. I imagine and get to use more cultural connections than when I was an austere minimalist, as I was. Of course, all-hail materials and process, but I want to fool around more now.

Bee Ep.01

*Bee EP.01* He can fly easily with his own wings, but doesn’t feel like he has to.  He can create and indulge in marvelous ideas and experiment as he pleases, and to amuse himself..

Bee, 2020, Glo-in-Dark Fimo clay and toy mini-drone. 5″x3″x3″.

All my art now is made for only around eight people. They know more about my motivations and ideas than anyone. This is now all of my live and in-person nano-audience.

Viewer online, I offer this to you that you may understand me better, if imperfectly, and at least to entertain you.


Now, Creating a place to live, for the Horse-Bodhisattva, a shine in the World. Out of the shiny bits and odd ends of what I have around, for fun and play. I feel like time is standing still – the aura of equanimity and composure radiates outwards from this sculpture into the whole world, now.

Now… so the word “now” is the word now.  I’m spending a lot of time in my studio (now), it is so nice to have a real place to be (now), not a virtual place at all. Still, Happy to connect with you, dear viewer, anywhere or time (now, or later).


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뭐 creativity

The question of “what is creativity?” arises as we believe we’re now excessively immersed in media throughout our lives in this world. Many can believe that creativity and originality is impossible now, and all efforts to conceptualize and realize ideas, thoughts, and feelings, are repetitive of earlier productions, and we’re only left to reexamine, resort, and morph the genres that already exist. I had worked artistically for years in the model of conceptualize-build-and present, but I no longer believe that ideas matter, or that the realized outcomes of ideas, that is, as artworks, matter either. For me now, what matters is that particular moment when one is mediating between the idea, the imagination, and the created thing, the realization, between the imaginary and the real. That gap, that bridge between the two worlds, the inner and outer universes we exist in, that middle-of-the-ocean non-place, far from either shore… this is the place I’m most interested in spending my time at, in my studio. Of course, as a person for whom relevance is no longer important or even possible, I am free to do this. For a sculptor, it is the moment  between design and execution, for the dancer, perhaps it is the moment after hearing the music and before making a step. For the poet it is the gap from the voice in the head to the words on the page. This duality forms every creative act, and like every duality, can be resolved by adding a third element, the instant of the creative moment itself.


We’re about to learn what we really need to live a good life. Pandemic panic will evaporate the obscuring haze. All those classes, sporting events, movies, performances, restaurants, art exhibits, none were necessary enough to go to.